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The Guardian

The Guardian

Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou, Ethiopian nun and pianist, dies at 99

Rwanda scheme would ‘completely erode’ UK’s standing on world stage

Refugees trying to reach Italy die after boats sink off coast of Tunisia

Hotel Rwanda’s Paul Rusesabagina released from prison

Ethiopian PM appoints TPLF official as head of Tigray interim administration

Tanzania announces outbreak of deadly Marburg virus disease

New allegations and a resignation strain already fraught China-Canada relations

Mexican children’s entertainer Chabelo dies aged 88

Trudeau to announce US-Canada asylum deal after Biden talks

Haiti faces ‘hunger emergency’ amid escalating gang violence and surging inflation

‘Historic moment’ as El Salvador abortion case fuels hopes for expanded access across Latin America

Families of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira decry ‘shameful’ trial delays

‘In awe’: New Zealand aurora hunters entranced by unusually bright southern lights display

New Zealand may join Aukus pact’s non-nuclear component

‘We are very vulnerable’: cyclone-hit Vanuatu pins climate hopes on UN vote

North Korea fires short-range ballistic missiles as regional tensions rise

Hong Kong police keep tight control over first authorised protest in years

Investors force HSBC shareholder vote on structural overhaul

Australia politics live: national reconstruction fund secures crossbench support; Labor’s planned reforms to whistleblower protections delayed

Greens, Coalition and entire crossbench unite to force inquiry into ‘broken’ FOI system

Latitude Financial faces possible class action after millions affected by data breach

Planets aligned: how to see the astronomical phenomenon set to light up Australia’s sky

Labor’s $10bn social housing bill in limbo as negotiations with Greens deadlocked

Chris Minns sworn in as NSW premier as Labor majority appears more unlikely after election

Russia-Ukraine war live: multiple drones downed over Kyiv after blasts, mayor says

Hundreds of thousands to continue strikes and protests in France

Norwegian company says TikTok data centre is limiting energy for manufacturing Ukraine ammunition

Russia-Ukraine war: Putin’s plan to station nuclear weapons in Belarus ‘irresponsible’ and ‘escalatory’, says Germany

Art, not pornography: Florence museum invites Florida parents to see the David

Italian academic cooks up controversy with claim carbonara is US dish

Israeli PM Netanyahu says he is ‘not ready to divide the nation in pieces’ after mass protests over judicial overhaul – as it happened

Israel: Netanyahu announces delay to judicial overhaul plan

US urged to hold Assad to account as power shifts in Middle East

Netanyahu halts judicial overhaul but fight is far from over

Israel’s president calls for halt to judicial overhaul after mass protests

Israel: mass protests after sacking of minister who opposed judicial overhaul

Founder of Afghan girls’ school project arrested in Kabul

UK to evict thousands of Afghan refugees from hotels

India’s Rahul Gandhi vows to ‘defend democracy’ after being stripped of seat

Indian opposition leader expelled from parliament after defamation conviction

UK aid cuts could force closure of Afghan project supporting women and girls

A team of vets, four ‘kumki’ and one tranquilliser dart: the plan to capture Kerala’s marauding elephant

William Hill to pay record £19.2m for ‘widespread and alarming’ failures

London’s County Hall to host immersive Paddington Bear theatre show

NGOs, MPs and academics call for withdrawal of UK’s illegal migration bill

Tuesday briefing: What Humza Yousaf’s win means for Scotland, the SNP and independence

Social landlord in England said mould was ‘acceptable’ in refugees’ homes

Labour urges ministers to show ‘ambition’ as it recasts green growth plan

Nashville school shooter carefully plotted attack that killed six, say police

Florida plastic surgeon charged with murder in case of vanished lawyer

Trump builds national lead over DeSantis but early-voting states closer, polls show

‘Hits very close to home’: Nashville shooting reporter recounts story of attack at her own school

Landmark law lets California fine oil companies over price gouging at the pump

Jonathan Majors charged with assault and harassment after alleged domestic dispute

‘Being truthful is essential’: scientist who stumbled upon Wuhan Covid data speaks out

Three abandoned children, two missing parents and a 40-year mystery

Russian soldiers say commanders used ‘barrier troops’ to stop them retreating

Social landlord in England said mould was ‘acceptable’ in refugees’ homes

Hundreds of thousands to continue strikes and protests in France

Russia-Ukraine war live: multiple drones downed over Kyiv after blasts, mayor says

‘In awe’: New Zealand aurora hunters entranced by unusually bright southern lights display

World ‘population bomb’ may never go off as feared, finds study

Russia-Ukraine war at a glance: what we know on day 398 of the invasion

Israel: Netanyahu announces delay to judicial overhaul plan

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Searching for my roots in an Algerian cemetery

Kim calls for ramping up N.Korea's 'weapon-grade nuclear material'

Kenya's Azimio protests: Hundreds storm farm of ex-President Uhuru Kenyatta

Xi hails Middle East thaw in call with Saudi crown prince

Feel the Force: Hamill carries 'Star Wars' voice to Ukraine

Pictured: Kim Jong-un inspects new nuclear warheads as experts cite concerns

Harris to pledge support for African innovation in Ghana

Handmade blankets welcome refugees, immigrants to U.S.

High tornado death toll in Mississippi like losing family

White House: No reason to change strategic stance after Putin says he'll move nuclear weapons. Ukraine updates.

House GOP to subpoena Blinken over Afghanistan dissent cable

Kim wants N. Korea to make more nuclear material for bombs

N. Korea's Kim calls for ramping up production of 'weapon-grade nuclear material'

Kim Jong Un Threatens Nuclear Use Anytime as US Carrier Arrives

South Carolina passes bill banning Chinese citizens from buying land

Russia supplies Iran with cyber weapons in exchange for drones and ammunition, WSJ says

Food for thought: Free meals for all New Mexico students

Putin has made so many nuclear threats since he invaded Ukraine that people are increasingly shrugging them off

At least 20 dead when bus hits bridge, burns in Saudi Arabia

N. Korean women and girls sold as sex slaves at Chinese border: report

All the Major 2024 Presidential Candidates (So Far)

UN Security Council won't probe Nord Stream blasts

Biden raises tone, if only a notch, after Israel protests flare

Pence headed back to Iowa amid 2024 speculation

This Bacteria Can Turn Today’s CO2 Into Tomorrow’s Biodegradable Plastic

UN Security Council to discuss deployment of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus this week

Zelensky visits troops in Zaporizhzhia as part of frontline tour – and discusses nuclear safety

Why does Russia want tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus?

NJ takes over Paterson police after crisis worker's shooting

Wall Street Journal: Russia providing Iran with cyber weapons

Ukraine has 3 options since Putin's not giving up, war experts say. Peace talks aren't among them.

Ukrainian Intelligence: Putin ‘raising stakes’ with nuclear threats

Russia supplies cyber weapons to Iran in exchange for Shahed drones – WSJ

Landslide in Ecuador kills at least 7, with dozens missing

Russia's latest nuclear threat slammed by NATO, ' closely monitoring' weapons move to Belarus

Putin’s Belarus Nuclear Move Is at Odds With China Pledge

Germany on Putin's nuclear plans in regards to Belarus: Another attempt at intimidation

Bolton on Putin plans to deploy nukes in Belarus: ‘He may not be bluffing here’

Watch live: MPs debate Illegal Migration Bill in parliament

Kamala Harris Africa trip: Can US charm offensive woo continent from China?

Plans to deploy tactical nukes in Belarus won’t be affected by Western sanctions, Kremlin says

Russian plan for nukes in Belarus raises questions

Putin raises stakes – Defence Intelligence on Russian nuclear weapon in Belarus

FSB interested in conversation between Akhmedov and music producer Prigozhin

North Korea test-fires 2 missiles as US carrier begins exercises with South Korean warships